If you live on campus, you’re required to have a meal plan, which is covered by room and board fees. To fit your lifestyle and eating habits, we have four residential dining plans from which to choose.

Each plan is based on the number of meals available to you each week. To allow further flexibility, each of the plans comes with an amount of Dining Plus, a debit-style account of dining funds (see further description below). 

Plan Cost

Meal plans are graduated in price based on the number of meals provided. Because your housing and dining is covered in one combined bill, your total room and board cost will depend on both your meal plan choice and housing assignment.  You can determine your cost on the room and board fees portion of the Housing and Residence Life website. 

Academic Year Residential Meal Plans*

Meal Plan Meals Per Week Dining Plus

21+ Plan

21 meals per week (3/day)

 $75 per semester

Any 18+ Plan

Any 18 meals per week

$75 per semester

Any 14+ Plan

Any 14 meals per week 

$100 per semester

Any 10+ Plan

Any 10 meals per week 

$100 per semester

In all plans, breakfast, lunch, and dinner have an assigned time frame called a meal time period (whether you choose to have salad or pancakes at that meal) as well as an assigned dollar allowance called a meal card equivalency.

At a meal, you may purchase items that together total less than or equal to the meal equivalency. Some important things to remember:

  • Any unused dollar value at a meal is lost; it does not roll over to future meals. 
  • You may only use one meal during any given meal time period.  
  • The Dining week begins with breakfast on Sunday and ends with dinner on Saturday. Any unused meals from your plan at the end of the week will be lost; they do not roll over into future weeks.

Dining Plus

The Dining Plus that comes with your plan may be used at any dining location, in any amount, at any time, and as often as you like, regardless of the meal time period or whether or not you've used (or plan to use) a meal during that period. You can use as much or as little Dining Plus in one transaction as you like. Many students will use their Dining Plus to cover the extra amount if their item total exceeds the meal card equivalency for a given meal. Any Dining Plus amount remaining at the end of the fall semester will transfer to the spring semester, but unused Dining Plus expires at the end of spring semester. 

If you spend all your Dining Plus, you can purchase Dining Cash (previously called Supplemental Dining Plus), and at a 10% discount. Dining Cash functions in the same way as Dining Plus, but it does not expire until you are no longer a student at Ball State. 

Learn more about choosing and changing a meal plan.

Premium Plan

*If you sign up for the Premium Plan, a two-year housing and dining contract, you get another $50 per semester added to your Dining Plus account, plus other perks and financial benefits.

Off-Campus Meal Plans

Don't live on campus?  Meals plans for commuters and off-campus students are also available.