Supplemental Dining Plus

Save 10%

Worried about running out of Dining Plus dollars?  No need to panic. You can load yourself back up by purchasing Supplemental Dining Plus in any amount you choose. Unlike the Dining Plus that comes as a part of a meal plan and has an expiration date, Supplemental Dining Plus is valid until you leave the university and are no longer a BSU student.

If you currently hold a meal plan, you will receive a 10% discount on every full $100 worth of Supplemental Dining Plus you purchase in a single transaction. (For example, purchase $200 worth of Dining Plus for $180, saving $20.) Any student may purchase Supplemental Dining Plus, but you must have (or have signed up for) a meal plan (either a Value Plan or an off-campus/commuter plan) to purchase Supplemental Dining Plus at the discounted rate. Supplemental Dining Plus may be used until you leave Ball State and are no longer a student, even if during part of that time you choose not to have a meal plan, but the purchase of the supplemental account must be made while signed up for a plan if you wish to receive the discount.

Supplemental Dining Plus is purchased online—just follow the appropriate link below.  Purchases made before 5 p.m. will be available the morning of the next business day; if made after 5 p.m., they will be available the morning of the second following business day. (For example, a purchase made at 7 p.m. on Friday will be available Tuesday morning.)

Are you a meal plan student?
Click here to purchase Supplemental Dining Plus online if you are on or are signed up for a meal plan.  (If you intend to sign up for a meal plan, please do so before purchasing your Supplemental Dining Plus.)
Please note: If you are not on or signed up for a meal plan and use the link above, a discount will be applied in error; the discounted amount will then be taken out of the value of your Supplemental Dining Plus. To avoid this, please use the link below.

Don't have a meal plan?
Click here to purchase Supplemental Dining Plus online if you are not on meal plan and have not signed up for one.