Online Menus

Menus for all Dining locations are now available in NetNutrition, which also serves as a nutrition information and meal planning resource.

Within NetNutrition, menus are divided into two types: daily menus (only items that rotate each day) and standard menus (items served every day). The two types are viewed separately within NetNutrition.

To view daily menus (rotating items only)

1.) Open NetNutrition.
2.) Select a location by clicking its logo.
3.) Click "Daily Menu," followed by the date/meal period. You may view any menu from the current week.  

Please note: If the "Daily Menu" choice is accompanied by additional concept/location choices, be sure to select "Daily Menu;" if you select the concept/location first, you will view only standard items served every day rather than a day's rotating items.

To view standard menus (items served every day)

1.) Open NetNutrition.
2.) Select a location by clicking its logo.
3.) Click the concept area for which you'd like to see the menu (e.g., within Woodworth Commons, you could select "Comfort Zone" to see standard items for this area).

NetNutrition has recently undergone improvements to make it more user-friendly. If you encounter any difficulties or inaccurate information, please call us at 765-285-1967 or let us know at dining@bsu.edu.