Healthy meal ideas

With so many fresh, custom options at all BSU Dining locations, healthy choices are all around you. Choose an Eat Right @ BSU tip sheet below for meal ideas around or under your meal equivalency. 

General BSU Dining tips
All-you-care-to-eat tips
Vegetarian and vegan tips
The Atrium
Bookmark Cafe
Jamba Juice
Noyer Centre
Student Center Tally
Tom John Food Shop
Woodworth Commons


MyPlate, provided by the US Department of Agriculture, offers guidance for healthy daily eating. Learn about

  • The 5 food groups
  • Daily recommended servings of each food group
  • What constitutes a serving in each food group

How many calories do I need?  

Not sure how much food you should be eating or what kind? Most students participating in 30-60 minutes of activity each day need 2,200 (women) to 2,800 (men) calories. If you are not as active, less than 30 minutes of activity each day, 2000 (women) to 2400 (men) calories would be the daily goal. Use calories posted on menus and in NetNutrition to build meals around your personal needs.

Nutrition questions

Have questions about healthy eating on campus? Contact Dining at 765-285-1967.


Ball State's Health Education office provides resources and guidance related to all aspects of wellness.