Sack Meals

If you’re going on a field trip for three or more days or if you’ll be student teaching off campus and need lunch, you can grab a sack meal from Ball State Dining.

Sack meals are available at Elliott DiningLaFollette Square (America’s Buffet), Noyer Centre, and Woodworth Commons. We’ll make a breakfast, lunch, or dinner for you to pick up the morning you need it. You can choose from yogurt and bagels for breakfast or a turkey sandwich for lunch and dinner. You’ll also pick your beverages and condiments to be included in the lunch or dinner.

To request a sack meal, download the appropriate form below for the dining location and meal of your choice:

Elliott Dining: Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner
LaFollette Square: Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner
Noyer Centre: Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner
Woodworth Commons: Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner

Take-out meals are available for students unable to come to a Dining location due to a temporary physical challenge and ill students who require a liquid diet. 

Physical challenge take-out meal form

Liquid diet take-out meal form

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