Just like our affordable rent, the laundry facilities at University Apartments guarantee you savings compared to off-campus apartments or houses. Why spend $7 to wash four loads when you can spend $6 here?

Washers at the Anthony and Scheidler communities cost $1.50 per load. Drying costs just $1.25 for one hour. With our machines accepting both Cardinal Cashand coins, paying for your laundry can be as convenient as sliding your card through a reader

Also, make sure to purchase the laundry detergent pods that are "HE" for high-efficiency washing machines. HE detergent pods work better in our washers in the newly renovated laundry rooms.

With Ball State’s convenient Wash Alert online service, you can find available washers and dryers from your computer and see when your laundry is finished. 

Some of our one-bedroom apartments in Scheidler come with a washer and dryer. Otherwise, laundry machines are not permitted in individual apartments.