• We believe solving problems ourselves respectfully first must be a high priority.
  • We will treat others as we would like to be treated.
  • We realize each of us has a responsibility of being accountable to each other for the noise level, acts of vandalism, behaviors, and choices which impact others.
  • We realize our choices should at all times take into account the rights of others.
  • We understand we are expected to be actively engaged in resolving issues that may arise with roommates, floor mates, and hall staff.
  • We will be respectful of our peers in our behavior and how we choose to represent ourselves and how we choose to express ourselves.
  • Each member of the community is expected to abide by the terms of these guidelines.
  • Community members are expected to hold individuals accountable to these standards.

Academic Environment

  • We agree that being a student must be a high priority.
  • We agree living-learning community experiences enhance our personal understanding of majors, careers, and interest areas.
  • We agree to be respectful of others and their need for a quiet study space.

Community Courtesy

  • We understand we not only belong to a floor community, but a hall community as well. We need to respect all members of the community.
  • We will always be courteous and civil with floor members and quests.
  • When anyone asks us to lower our noise level, we will do so immediately.
  • We agree to address concerns with our peers in a respectful manner when we have an issue to address.
  • We will respectfully confront our peers when policy violations occur or when student rights are affected.
  • If being confronted by our peers and/or staff we will be respectful and work towards a solution and/or comply.
  • Residents are allowed to have visitors (any gender) with the approval of his/her roommate. All residence halls will have 24-hour/7-day visitation for the academic year.


  • We understand this floor and hall is our home.
  • In instances of vandalism, we understand the community will be held responsible for damages if an individual cannot or will not accept responsibility for these actions.
  • Residents are responsible for the use of kitchenettes in their communities as described by their hall staff. They are also responsible for all events that happen in the kitchen and any charges incurred when the key is in their possession.
  • We agree to keep common areas free of personal belongings and will remove them upon departure of spaces. Common areas include but are not limited to lounges, kitchens and laundry facilities. 

Safety and Security

  • Both residents and hall staff may confront situations that are safety and security risks.
  • Residents and hall staff will not provide their room key or BSU ID to any person and will use their community check-in stations during designated hours and register any/all guests they have with them.
  • Residents and hall staff will not grant access to any non-escorted guests through card access locations or prop open security doors.
  • Residents will lock their doors and carry their keys when they leave their room.
  • When we notice an exterior, card access, or bathroom door propped, we will un-prop it and notify the hall director or RA.
  • When the fire alarm sounds, we will evacuate the building immediately.
  • When a tornado, active shooter or other emergency is in progress we will adhere to staff instructions and safety protocols. 

Housing and Residence Life Community Contract