Residents and their guests are not to be in the halls without permission from the Office of Housing and Residence Life, as well as the escort provided by the Office of Housing and Residence Life during designated closing days and times.

The last resident to leave your room should make sure that the following tasks are complete:

1. Leave the heater on low (after fall semester and spring break only).

2. Unplug all electrical appliances except for wireless Internet boxes.

3. Turn alarm clocks/timers off.

4. Empty all garbage from trash cans into trash room receptacles on each floor.

5. Close and lock windows. 
    a. First floor residents should close curtains. 
    b. Other floors should leave curtains open.

6. Water plants and feed fish. (Staff will NOT care for plants or fish over the break.)

7. Turn off lights.

8. Lock door.

The last person to leave should put the checklist on the door provided by RA staff. Be aware that it is possible that there may be power failures during the break periods. These may cause aquariums not to function properly and fish may die, so you may want to take them home with you.

During the break, staff will check each room for safety and security reasons. We do NOT look through resident's desks, closets, or personal items.