Follow these helpful tips when completing your online housing contract:

  • Make sure to scroll to the bottom and click the save and continue button or skip link on each page.

Renew Your Bed:

  • If you know that you want the SAME room for next year, go online during Step 1 - Renew Your Bed to reserve your same room.
  • Premium Plan students finishing the first year of your contract -- You must take action to let us know your plans, so go online to renew your bed OR later search for a bed during your timeslot.

Request a Roommate:

  • Make your roommate request and/or confirm before requesting a space or using Search and Swap. Making your roommate request before requesting a space will allow you to place your roommate in the other space when you search or swap.
  • When you request a roommate, one roommate will make the request, while the other roommate will confirm the original request. (i.e., you will NOT both request.)
  • Simply requesting/confirming a roommate does not automatically place you together. You must use the Search for a Bed/Room timeslot to find a room with two spaces available to place you together as roommates. You will assign a bed to yourself and then select your roommate's name from the drop-down box to assign this person to the second bed in the room. If you do not see their name in the drop-down then that student will have to go online and put themselves in the second bed.
  • If you are requesting a new incoming student you will be able to do so if they have completed their contract online. Returning students should make the roommate request and the incoming student would confirm the request. The returning student will then be able to see the new student's name in the drop down box and place them in the room when they Search for a room. (Returning Honors students wishing to request a new incoming Honors student should contact our office for instructions.)

Room Timeslot Information:

  • Your day and time to go online is based on the day that you made your housing deposit. Our office will contact you via BSU email to let you know when your timeslot will be.
  • At the beginning of your timeslot, you will be able to go online to search for a bed or swap rooms. You may continue to go online anytime after your timeslot until the last day of online room sign-up.

Search for a Bed/Rooms:

  • This tool allows you to look for an available space in the residence hall system by hall, floor, and room.
  • Most rooms in the residence halls are double rooms, so you will see two beds in each room. This example shows there are two beds available. (example: Woody 801 -F - 2/2 (F=female)).
    If one person is already in the room, and there is only one other bed available in the double room, then you will see Woody 801-F-1/2.
    If the room is a single, you'll see one bed (example: Woody 803 - F - 1/1).
    If the room is a triple, you'll see three beds (example: Woody 804 - F - 3/3).
  • If you have a confirmed roommate, then you MUST look for a room with 2 beds available (2/2).

Swap Beds/Rooms:

  • The Room Swap tool essentially allows you to trade rooms if you have already reserved a room.
  • For Room Swap to work, you MUST have reserved a room for next year so that you have a room to trade with. This means that you will have completed Renew Your Bed or already requested a bed during Different Room Sign-Up, and you wish to change rooms.
  • Once you have swapped your room, the original room becomes available for a new student to take.
  • You will have three minutes to swap rooms.

Search and Swap Scenarios:

  • If you properly renewed your same room during Step 1 - Renew Your Bed, you will not see the Search for a Bed option, but instead will use the Room Swap tool if you wish to change rooms.
  • If you requested/confirmed a roommate during Step 2, then you and your confirmed roommate will have the same timeslot and either student may go online to Search for a room and reserve the spaces.
  • If you did NOT confirm a roommate at any time and did not renew your same bed, then when you first go online during your timeslot, you will see the Search for a Bed tool. After you request a bed, should you come back to the online system to change rooms, then you will use Room Swap.
  • If you did NOT confirm a roommate PRIOR to your timeslot, but found a roommate after you have already searched and confirmed a room, you cannot pull that student into the room. The roommate will have to go online during their timeslot and place themselves in the other bed in the room if it is available. If it is not, you will have to look for a room with two beds available using the Room Swap tool.
  • If you did NOT confirm a roommate at any time BUT did renew your same bed during Renew Your Bed and want to change rooms, then you will use the Room Swap tool.
  • Remember to print out Your Contract to have for your files.

Online Contract:

  • Make sure to agree to the contract's terms and conditions and save and continue to hold a space for next year.
  • If you do not agree to the terms, then a bed will not be saved in your name for the residence halls next year.
  • If you have a Premium Plan (two-year) contract and are finishing the first year of the contract, it will state that you have already signed your contract but you need to select a room and meal plan.
  • As you review the details of your contract, if there are steps with a red X, then you must complete that step before your contract is complete.


  • If you don't find the "perfect" space, then sign up for one of the waitlists. There are times when students' plans change and we can accommodate your requests.
  • You may select up to three waitlists.
  • You may also place your name on the double as a single waitlist as one of your choices.