It's a few weeks into the fall semester and you're feeling like an old pro. You're making the adjustment to your new home at Ball State University, and hopefully, you've made some new friends and met some interesting people.

You also may have had some of your first assignments graded and found out that your professors expect more than you had anticipated. It's important to remember not to give up! Most students have setbacks that arise that could interrupt their academic careers. However, there are very few instances in which quitting school is the best course of action.

Some people may make friends more quickly than you or may make better grades than you. That doesn't mean that you won't make wonderful friends here -- probably very soon -- or make a better grade the next time. If you don't already, soon you'll begin to feel like there's no place you'd rather be than Ball State!

Roommate Problems

Visits from Family

Peer Pressure