While some students might wonder how their classroom work will translate to the real world, the writers, photographers, designers, and editors at the Ball State Daily News put theirs to practice immediately—and in front of the eyes of 14,000 readers during the school year.

On production nights, the newsroom is a confusion of phones ringing, keyboards clacking, people running in and out. The pizza deliveryman usually makes a few appearances. Often there’s someone crashed on a cot in the back, hoping an hour of sleep will allow him to keep going.

After all that frantic work, when the next issue of the Daily News hits the stands, managing editor Logan Braman might hear absolutely nothing about the investigative package he lost sleep and regular meals for and everything about the typo he missed on page three.

That’s journalism for you, and Logan loves it. He thrives on the feeling he gets seeing his hard work in print.

“It’s great to see people reading it,” says Logan. “Any time I walk into a class or in the Atrium and see people reading the Daily News, it makes me smile inside.”