Teachers College

This building, also known as TC, houses the office for our Teachers College, its Departments of Counseling Psychology and Guidance Services, Educational Leadership, Educational Psychology, Educational Studies, Elementary Education, and Special Education as well as the Office of Charter Schools. The Teachers College consistently ranks in the top 25 in the nation for number of nationally recognized educator preparation programs it offers.

Year completed: 1968, renovations in 2000, 2002, 2013

Building Directory

Counseling Psychology and Guidance Services (Staff Directory)
Main Office: TC 605
Phone: 765-285-8040
Fax: 765-285-2067
Educational Leadership (Staff Directory)
Main Office: TC 918
Phone: 765-285-8488
Fax: 765-285-2166
Educational Psychology
Main Office: TC 505
Phone: 765-285-8500
Fax: 765-285-3653
Educational Studies (Staff Directory)
Main Office: TC 829
Phone: 765-285-5461
Fax: 765-285-5489
Elementary Education (Staff Directory)
Main Office: TC 216
Phone: 765-285-8560
Fax: 765-285-8793
Special Education
Main Office: TC 722
Phone: 765-285-5700
Fax: 765-285-4280
Office of Teacher Education Services
Main Office: TC 915
Phone: 765-285-1861
Fax: 765-285-1861
Teachers College (Staff Directory)
Main Office: TC 1008
Phone: 765-285-5251
Fax: 765-285-5455