October 6, 2016
NUVO: The Indy writers' podcast that goes beyond writing
Story quotes Ball State journalism professor Brad King, who started the Downtown Writers Jam podcast.
April 8, 2014
NUVO: Letterman born of TV's '70s Hoosier heyday
Story looks at Letterman's life, including his time at Ball State.
Topics: Alumni, CCIM
December 3, 2013
Nuvo: Recycling as underutilized job creator
Hoosiers are throwing away opportunity everyday - 86 percent of what we toss could be used to fuel industry and jobs, say researchers from Ball State University who plan to announce further details Wednesday from a new study conducted by the Bowen Center for Public Affairs.
Topic: Geothermal
March 21, 2013
BSU online course to study gender in comics
Ball State professor Christina Blanch spent her formative years spinning in a circle, trying to transform into Wonder Woman. Although she didn't magically become a crime-fighting Amazonian princess, she did gain a life-long love of comics.