Most of the time, tradition and innovation work against each other. The first embraces the familiar past, while the second invents a daring future. But for nearly a century, Ball State has built a legacy of going beyond the conventional, exploring new academic challenges and opportunities with an entrepreneurial spirit. Discover our tradition of innovation and see how Ball State’s experience and leadership are redefining education for today’s world.

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A School to Watch
Our commitment to immersive learning and leadership in emerging media have earned Ball State honors as the nation’s eighth best “Schools to Watch” in U.S. News & World Report. The new list of up-and-comers recognizes colleges and universities making innovative changes in academics, faculty, students, campus, or facilities.

More Than Academics

Who says smart people don’t have fun? Indiana’s most comprehensive Honors College doesn’t just give high-ability students challenging, in-depth learning experiences, special study abroad programs, and unique research opportunities. With the help of supportive faculty members, it’s a close-knit community of friends who live and play together.

Teaching Teachers

Teaching Teachers
Ball State's participation in the Woodrow Wilson Indiana Teaching Fellowship will help overhaul teacher education and encourage exceptional students to seek long-term careers in high-need classrooms.

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New Faces and Places
Recent construction projects across the campus are putting new faces on some Ball State traditions--including the L.A. Pittenger Student Center, DeHority Residence Halls, and the Honors College--while also creating brand-new, cutting-edge recreational and residential facilities for students.