David Letterman Lecture Series

About the Series

On September 7, 2007, Ball State dedicated the $21 million David Letterman Communication and Media Building, with the man of the hour on hand for the ribbon cutting and accompanying ceremonies.

In front of an estimated crowd of 5,000 gathered in the shadow of Shafer Tower directly across from the new campus landmark, the Peabody Award-winning entertainer called the cutting-edge facility "the future of communication" and a few days later made a similar boast during a rare guest appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

His generous gift to the university at the time is the principal source of support for the lecture and workshop series being coordinated by Ball State's College of Communication, Information, and Media (CCIM).

"The true sincerity and depth of Dave's regard for Ball State is again demonstrated by this latest involvement in the life of the university," said President Emerita Jo Ann M. Gora. "Our students, the broader campus community and those who study the various roles and influences of communications in our society will gain from the David Letterman Distinguished Professional Lecture and Workshop Series for years to come. We are truly grateful for Dave's generosity and continuing commitment to our students.

"We live in the Information Age. Today's undergraduates grew up in the Net Generation. How we communicate, what we communicate, when, why, and to whom is an increasingly central part of the global economy, international relations, government and politics, modern social movements and, of course, the shaping of popular culture and opinion. At Ball State, we are dedicated to extending our position of leadership in this crucial area. This gift helps move that agenda forward."

Since 1985, Letterman has provided annual scholarships of $10,000, $5,000, and $3,333 for three Ball State telecommunications students. He also was a financial force behind the establishment of WCRD—for "Cardinal Radio Dave" in the hearts of the campus radio station's all-student staff—now housed in handsome new studios on the second floor of the Letterman building.

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