David Owsley Museum of Art


Current Exhibition:

SHIFT: Jongil Ma, Christopher Smith, Corban Walker

Closing May 7, 2017
Shift. A slight movement. A transition from one gear to another. A period of time in a worker’s day. A movement of the eye from one object to another. An exhibition designed to interpret and challenge our perceptions of self and others as experienced and demonstrated by three artists who work in color, glass and Plexiglas, video, paint, and wood. The artists each test our notions of space, identity, and transparency by investigating the movement of light, movement of substance, and movement through space.

A shift in mood or perspective is at once a subtle, nuanced transition and an abrupt break from what went before. It can be small and it can be dramatic. While issues of identity are often brought to bear in figurative works, Jongil Ma, Christopher Smith, and Corban Walker create in conceptual, abstract ways that alter our viewpoints as we relate to others and the world around us.

SHIFT presents works that explore, through the clear eyes of three artists, how we see and experience space and time as well as physical and emotional realities.

Image: Corban Walker, 129-40 (detail), 2013, acrylic, screwposts, 129 x 129 x 40 cm., © Corban Walker, 2016.

Upcoming Exhibition:

Engaging Technology II: Art + Science

September 28 – December 22, 2017
Curator by John Fillwalk

Engaging Technology II presents a selection of internationally renowned artists who are actively investigating the intersections of the arts and sciences. These explorations include interactive installation, code as art, physical sciences, augmented and virtual reality, performance, and human computer interaction. Throughout the run of the exhibition, a series of invited performances, lectures, and workshops will be scheduled on campus and within the community that enhance the exhibition’s programming.

Image: Adam Brown, The Great Work of the Metal Lover, mixed media installation, 2012.