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Current Exhibition:

Listening Across Generations: Fractured Narratives Youth Collaboration

May 16 - August 30, 2015 (Extended to September 6, 2015) 

         Listening is something hardly anyone does enough of, but local youth are documenting it as part of a community photography project. When Eric Gottesman, one of the artists in the spring semester exhibition Fractured Narratives: A Strategy to Engage, visited Muncie to talk about his work, he also met with localyouths. He listened to them and helped them map where they are heard, who hears them, and where they listen to others. Together, while viewing the exhibition, they discussed what makes a good photograph.

        Professor Ruby Cain and her EDAC 698 adult and community education graduate students in the class Cultural Identities and Community Engagement coordinated the participants for the project. These graduate students are working with the staff and listening to the youth of the Boys and Girls Club, Buley Center, Friends of Conley, and Motivate Our Minds.

        DOMA is proud to include Listening Across Generations as part of the Muncie Sesquicentennial. Join us for the opening reception of the first photography exhibition of its kind. All are welcome.

Upcoming Exhibitions:


With Watercolor: Content via Technique

September 24 - December 27, 2015

Contemporary Indiana artist Brian Gordy explores the powerful connection between technique and content through a carefully curated selection of masterworks from the rich collection of watercolors at the David Owsley Museum of Art.

His choices emphasize transparency as fundamental to the medium of watercolor, and examine how both famous and less well-known watercolorists have exploited this technique to achieve the most appropriate visual effects for particular subjects. Some of theHouse highlights of the exhibition include stunning displays of light, atmosphere, and sky in works by Winslow Homer, Edward Hopper, and Reginald Marsh, as well as examples by less familiar masters of watercolor, such as Ralph Fanning, John Lavalle, and Millard Sheets.

Gordy notes that his selections “were not driven by the fame of the individual artists or their histories, but from a studio artist’s point of view. The title With Watercolor means that these are works of art that required watercolor as a medium from the very beginning in order to realize the artists’ intentions.” 

Unlike most exhibitions that focus on one medium, Gordy will also demonstrate several watercolor techniques during a live, public presentation in the recital Hall on September 24 at 6:30 pm. Visitors are then encouraged to see the show through an artist’s eyes, as they learn to identify different methods across a wide variety of styles. In addition, children and adults are invited to practice painting in a special watercolor studio embedded within the exhibition galleries.

By featuring local artist Gordy as its curator, this exhibition celebrates the wealth of artistic talent resident in Muncie on the occasion of the city’s 150th anniversary. – RGL


Being There

September 24 - December 27, 2015

Guest Curated by Professor Mark Sawrie

In Being There, Professor Mark Sawrie explores the concept of human presence and experience in places of palpable ambiance through the medium of photography.  His personal selections from the museum's collection will inspire viewers to develop new interpretations of images both strange and new that represent a wide range of subjects and styles.  The featured photographers include John Divola, Ralph Eugene Meatyard, and Kenji Nakahashi, among others.  

MadonnaBeing There is part of a new series of faculty curated exhibitions that focus on teaching in the museum.  Our goal is to capture a BSU artist and professor's point of view and to present visitors with a rare opportunity to see the collection through his or her eyes.  In this case, Being There also creates an occasion to familiarize students and the public with the growing collection of photographs at the David Owsley Museum of Art.

Sawrie's selections mirror his beliefs and artistic practice, which encourages students and viewers to observe carefully and focus on the present - without electronic distractions.  In his own words, "You're invited, but please don't bring your smartphone."  He plans to fully integrate the museum's masterworks of photography into his classes this semester through class lectures and a student assignment that requires a reconsideration of a person or chatacter's place within the environment. - RGL

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