David Owsley Museum of Art

For Families

Family Guide example 

Need a way to help engage children in art? Pick up a viewing guide or scavenger hunt the next time you visit the David Owsley Museum of Art. This interactive guide was created to facilitate deeper learning and understanding of art in an informal and engaging manner intergenerationally.

These guides help children and parents through a series of handouts that relate art to children. The current featured viewing guides, Childe Hassam's Bowl of Goldfish (PDF) and Lee Krasner's Right Bird Left (PDF), were chosen specifically for their connection to children. Each handout contains biographical information on the artist, activity prompts, and questions for both adults and children. Visitors will also find a Looking at Labels handout (PDF), featuring John Ottis Adams' In Poppyland, which explains how to read a David Owsley Museum of Art label.

The David Owsley Museum of Art viewing guide is available at no cost to families and can be found at the museum's front desk. For more information contact Tania Said, Director of Education at the David Owsley Museum of Art.